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Community Action Southall (CAS) is a three year project to deliver anti-poverty capacity building activities in Southall that strengthen and make BAME community groups more resilient. Our ambition is to help community groups to grow and be more effective in helping the poorest and most vulnerable Southall residents, through an anti-poverty coalition.

CAS will carry out action research that gathers needs data, identifies the different forms and impacts of poverty in Southall and then builds a coalition to influence anti-poverty policy.

Our main aims are to help Southall based groups:

  1. Gain greater capacity and effectiveness in fundraising to sustain their anti-poverty work
  2. Become more resilient to help residents affected by poverty through adoption of good local and regional practices
  3. Co-produce research, that builds understanding of voluntary sector organisational needs and widens their range of anti-poverty responses.

This project is funded by the City Bridge Trust.